My passion for what I do shows through the continual growth of the

 Firm-Donkey Fitness Fit-losophy

You will see some great body shots on our site, but they are only there to keep your attention.

Our Mission

“Everything we do, we believe in challenging

the status quo. We challenge it by exposing the

truth about fitness and showing you what true fitness entails. It’s much more than a shapely physique but you may get one working with us”

We Are Unique

We all know that the fitness industry tries real hard to replicate itself, including those ​wonder pills, powders, and drinks your friends may be trying to get you to buy.

I am determined to inform everyone willing to learn the truth about fitness.

The advertisement we hear about and see ​daily is to sell products,  books, and DVD’s.

Its mission is to make people focus on their outside appearance and because of this shallow approach; we will always feel: 

Unsatisfied and discouraged while chasing the airbrushed no-fat body.

Here at Firm-Donkey Fitness, I will not promise you wash-board abs in six weeks, I will not claim that our products we endorse or any type of drink, machine, or DVD will give you easy results for three easy payments of $39.95.

My focus is exercising YOUR MIND, SPIRIT, THEN BODY!

Be true to yourself and know

that nothing of value is EVER easy...but it ​get's easier with consistency and patients.

Don't compare yourself...Be YOURSELF is my Motto!


Who is Firm-Donkey?

Firm-Donkey Fitness is a revolutionary “Fit-losophy” that will challenge your thinking and tone your entire “Donkey’ by infusing mental motivation, with physical fitness.  

We infuses traditional personal training approaches,

“New-Non-Traditional” thinking within fitness movements,

nutrition, and modern-day motivation techniques.

We have a philosophy that is unique to the fitness industry and we want to help people live a lifestyle not a trend.

“No more articles explaining how to lose weight for the summer because we understand that means you expect to gain weight in the winter.

Our "Fitlosophy