We know

You have a job along with major responsibilities and drive times to and from work.

Men...we know you have the pressure to have it all together, have money, look successful, and know how to fix everything that breaks in a home.

Women...we know the pressures you face with almost every commercial, TV show, and advertisement to have beauty, brains, and an easy going personality, and God forbid you have a blemish or don't act like those Victoria Secret ladies on TV.

We will challenge you physically but we also focus on challenging you mentally. We help you recognize the self-talk you tell yourself and we will be there to support you when fighting to maintain good healthy habits.

Join us at Firm-Donkey Fitness and become a Fitlosopher.

The mind is in need of a fitness program just as much as the body!

 In the 1940’s there were products being sold to help women gain weight so men would find them attractive. Now, it’s about muscle definition, wash board abs, being thin, and a tan. If you allow it, you will be chasing the next fad of fitness too.

The truth is, not everyone should have washboard abs because the time it would take to maintain them would create a void with some other part of your life

While the new fad is about "No fat", the body needs fat for survival so don’t be fooled. Fitness is not a fad or an exercise program. It’s a "Fitlosophy"! 

Most fitness advertisement photos are taken after at least 24 hours of fasting.

Most fitness photos have airbrushing and Photo-Shop used along with lighting to give the image of perfection.

Most models who work in the fitness advertisement world have years of exercising behind them with muscle memory & training on average five hours per week. They also have no-less than two hours of cardio and another two hours of stretching each week.

We have a philosophy that is unique to the fitness

industry and we want to help people live a lifestyle

not a trend.”

No more articles explaining how to lose weight for

the summer because we understand that means

you expect to gain weight in the winter.

We believe in being consistent in our behaviors

and working out is not for "others’ approval but our

way of life.

Our goal is to disrupt the status quo in fitness.

We want to help others believe in themselves by

inspiring them to improve emotionally and


We want to inspire people to think from the inside out in fitness, not the outside in.

If you are the kind of person that believes health and fitness is not about your outward physiques but rather your inner confidence then Firm- Donkey is for you.

We want to stop people from comparing who they are on the inside by desiring to be someone they see outside.


About Firm-Donkey

Firm-Donkey Fitness Inc. is a on-line Life Coaching health guidance service and fitness brand, showcasing an array of new-forward thinking approaches to health and fitness.

We have nurtured a dream to offer something not seen in fitness before. We are committed to becoming your go-to resource for positive thinking, positive actions, and positive results. That's your real health and fitness needs. We strive to deliver the highest quality work imaginable. 

We stand by our mission to be the leader in the health and fitness market and we are grateful to those who have put trust in us and that have taken to our  "Fitlosophy"  and support our mission.

Our "Fitlosophy"

When we exercise it should be for the experience and the opportunity to experience life in a healthier way. The media and marketing today is getting us all to think about the looks and compare ourselves to airbrushed and easy techniques to gain muscle definition.

Think about the magazines you see in the market. Fitness is about what you need to have and what you “Don’t have” or “Look like”. We have been conditioned to believe that it should be easy and quick. Take this to get this…is the motto of today.