Julian sold his fitness business and took on a new challenge...corporate America. During his time within the business world, Sado noticed how those he associated with were less healthy and more focused on money and title as their purpose for living. He then witnessed several of the most successful business people he knew in the corporate world die from their own illness at early ages. 

Several years after leaving the fitness industry and working his "Donkey" off in corporate to become successful, Sado had a routine physical. It was there he learned that he too, had developed medical conditions which began due to his lack of exercise and maintaining a lifestyle that mostly consisted of work, stress, and poor eating habits. Sado went back to studying his own health and how it impacted his family, his mood, energy, and overall emotional attitude towards life. That’s when he knew that he had to find balance with his career and health and go back to the basics... his first love...fitness.  

Julian has combined his studies in psychology, physics, along with  personal motivation, and spiritual development in his approach to his fitness "Fitlosophy". He quickly noticed unrecognized behaviors that inhibit people from reaching "real" success in their physical, emotional, and professional goals. 

Sado dedicated himself to mastering balance and paid close attention to the subconscious trickery of advertisement and the get rich, quick fit scams, and sales pitches sold on every TV channel, radio, and print today. Little did he know,  that his commitment to his own self-awareness and human nature would be the catalyst to a career dedicated to inspiring and helping others learn about a healthy lifestyle. 

Sado’s unique background being a street-smart kick-boxing kid in East Los Angeles, to becoming a Talent Agent for one of the most well-known dance and music agencies on the West Coast; working with Prince, Madonna, Janet Jackson and many others, gave him experience to know the psychology and tactics behind TV, movies, and the music industry as a whole. 

Sado's move into fitness training and kick-boxing gave him the business psychology behind Beach Bodies, Guthy-Renker, and national commercials which tied in nicely when he trained celebrities such as Sugar Ray, Craig T. Nelson, and Jennifer Lopez. 

Once in corporate America and  a top producing Manager and Corporate Trainer with Fortune 100 companies; Sado found the collation between the mind with time management and how we interpret our emotional compass, our bodies, our jobs, and desires which play a huge role in what type of employee/person we are for the majority of the day. 

Sado's approach to life, goals, and the pursuit of happiness is dramatic because he keeps it simple. His goal is to help people see the spirit they posses as well as the narcissistic delusions we believe to be true due to the advertisement that impacts our thinking. He get's people to see the real person they are instead of wishing to be different. 

Nobody has more fun talking and writing about health, nutrition, and exercise than Sado. He’s vocal and visual about helping people "get it," giving them the information and tools to make healthy choices despite hectic lifestyles. 

Julian "Sado"

 Owner- Firm-Donkey Fitness Inc.  

Julian Sado is an enthusiast on nutrition and wellness. His passion is in motivational speaking and serving others as a  Health/Life Coach strategist. By the age of thirty, Sado was known for his celebrity fitness & kick-boxing  training, and gym consulting. Working with several Chiropractors, Julian developed a program that focused on Body-mechanics, emotional drivers, and internal nutrition. 

Growing up in Los Angeles, CA and having a family that was involved within the entertainment arena, Julian started off as a Talent Agent and Road Manager for several known artist. As a teen he also had a record deal with Capitol Records, a cartoon picked up by Warner Bros. Pictures, and a Actor. Naturally, this all happened because he lived in Los Angeles, CA.

However, Since the age of seven, Julian was in the boxing ring. Because of this, Julian's passion was always fitness. He made the decision to step out of the entertainment world and  build an empire of Kick-Boxing classes and contracts with fitness clubs throughout L.A.  Within a short time, he was recognized as a guru and celebrity fitness training on kick-boxing. Julian worked with Sugar Ray Lenard, Jennifer Lopez, Craig T. Nelson, Bill Bellamy, Linda Hamilton, Jennifer Beals, Brian Bosworth, and many more.  Sado traveled abroad and certified instructors in the art of Kick-Boxing instruction to duplicate his success.

Sado created Freestyle Boxing and several streets smart seminars and videos. He has been featured on MTV Beach House, international talk-shows, and magazines. He has also been a guest lecturer for numerous companies and organizations including Well Fargo, GE, and AT&T to name a few.

Sado’s passion for spiritual connection, healthy eating, and physical fitness was inspired by his own struggles growing up as a latchkey kid and witnessing his father die of colon cancer at the early age of forty-two along with five other families members die from health related causes prematurely within one year.