Training isn’t rocket science but it’s still a

science. To how you hold a dumbbell bar, how

you move your body during the exercise, to how

you breath. It all impact the results you get from

exercise. Not to mention the emotional stamina

needed to keep going when your brain says stop

or why even show up. You should not worry if

your exercise program will work for your body or

if you can make it fit into your schedule. You

share with us the time and commitment you can

make, and then we help devise the workouts that

will take you to your goal. Weekly updates,

accountability check-ins, and monthly

adjustments all included.

Fad diets are your number one enemy. We will

not offer up any type of meal plan that you can’t

follow or enjoy your entire life. What’s the point

to eat a particular way just to go back to your

old ways once it’s done. So no…we will not diet

in the winter for the possibility of showing our

belly in the summer.

There will be adjustments to your eating habits

but you will learn the foods you love and your

schedule of when, why, and how you eat make

up a lot of your dietary struggles. You will have a

plan around your lifestyle and as your style of

life changes with us, so will your food choices.

Have a question? Need help eating at a

restaurant? Looking for restaurants? Simply ask

for help and guidance and answers are always


Are You Ready To Get Your Donkey Into It?