Motivational coaching can give you fresh perspectives and assist in pushing you through your challenges. Remember, if your mind can conceive it and believe it, then you most certainly can attain it! 

Julian Sado is the co-owner of Firm-Donkey Fitness Inc. and life changing speaker and coach. 

He will focus on your successes and motivate you towards the solutions you desire. 

We look forward to working with you! 

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Everyone encounters challenges and difficult issues throughout life.

Managing stressful situations can be overpowering and may leave you feeling hopeless about reaching your goals.

Sometimes all you need is an outsider looking into your situation who has the skills to motivate you in attaining the results you want.

To develop a more or less accurate self-image…is simply to gain a comprehensive awareness of those facets of yourself which you didn’t know existed.

And these facets are easily spotted because they show up as your symptoms…
Ken Wilber

During the 1990’s, three Nobel laureates in medicine, advanced research that revealed the primary function of DNA lies not in protein synthesis, as a was widely believed for the past century, but in electro-magnetic energy reception and transmission.

Less than three percent of DNA’s function involves protein manufacture; more than ninety percent functions in the realm of bio-acoustic and bioelectric signaling. Dr. Leonard Horowitz The heart and brain maintain a continuous two-way dialogue, each influencing the other’s functioning. Although it is not well known, the heart sends far more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart and the signals the hearts send to the brain can influence perception emotional processing and higher cognitive functions.

The heat also generates the strongest rhythmic electromagnetic field in the body and this actually can be measured in the brain waves of people around us. "HEATMATH Institute".

The heart’s field is a carrier of emotional information and a mediator of bio-electromagnetic communication, within and outside the body. Research shows our heart’s field changes distinctly as we experience different emotions. All matter has a negative and positive charge. A balance of both is needed.

So you see, it’s the power of the heart and emotions working with the brain to create the concept of feelings. This feelings you feel radiate form your hearts electrical field 100 times stronger than the brain and the magnetic field which is 5000 times stronger. This is why you can work out your entire life and have the most perfect body and looks but still end up insecure and afraid to embrace life to the fullest. We are here to help you with that!

Your emotions are a great tool to tell you what you are attracting vs. accepting the mood someone gave you, see it as the power to recognize the mood you are attracting and demand yourself to change it by not accepting that mood. Only then will you have power over your life.

Life Coaching

Fitness is Mind then Body

Practitioners of alternative medicine accept the concept as well as cultures throughout the world. Now with the discovery and study of quantum physicists more and more people acknowledge the existence of an electromagnetic field generated by the body’s biological process. Scientist are starting to accept that the human body generates electricity because living tissue generates energy. Emotional energy influences the physical tissue within our bodies.

In this way your biography-that is, the experiences that make up “You” life becomes your biology. if you exercise and are trying to get fit but have memory of negative experiences as to why you should exercise or an image you are trying to obtain to impress or get others to see you in, the feeling of that is what keeps you in bondage of insecurity and desperation. We help you see the issues if any and determine if your true heart motives our positive and focused on the right feelings to guarantee a positive outcome. No…we are not “New Age” or “Hippie’s” we study Emotional Intelligence, Physiology, Kinesiology, Quantum Physics along with nutrition, fitness trends, and diet to get a complete view and understanding of the human body, human emotion, and human behavior. All of this affects you and if you combine these studies; you open up a complete sensory of fitness never explored in our modern day fitness trends. .

To develop a more or less accurate self-image…is simply to gain a comprehensive awareness of those facets of yourself which you didn’t know existed. And these facets are easily spotted because they show up as your symptoms…Ken Wilber