How We Do Nutritional Coaching!

Our Nutritional idea’s utilizes the most current, established research findings from health and nutritional sciences in order to provide you with one-on-one guidance for sustainable lifestyle changes.

Program Includes

• Two 45 minute one-on-one phone or in person (Face Time) appointments each month for the different programs, which will include discussion of your progress and support.

• A variety of juicing recipes, foods and recommendations, handouts and/or other supporting materials

• E-mail support between sessions

• A two hour health food tour, offering explanations of foods categories

• Customized meal plan

• Supplements suggestions

• Monthly review of your exercise plan (if applicable) Benefits

• Tools to shop for and prepare nutritionally based, whole foods based diet.

• Tools to eat well while traveling and dining out


Increased energy and general sense of well being • Reduce stress, anxiety and mood swings • Enhance mental clarity and focus • Improved skin, sleep, digestion and overall health • Reduce cravings, especially sugar and caffeine • Attainment of ideal weight.

Firm Mind & Firm Body

We want to inspire people to think from the inside out in fitness, not the outside in. We mix motivation with nutrition on a daily basis.

If you are the kind of person that believes health and fitness is not about your outward physiques but rather your inner confidence and about what you can achieve, then Firm Donkey is for you.

  • • We want to stop people from comparing who they are on the inside by desiring to be someone they see outside.
  • • We have a philosophy that is unique to the fitness industry and we want to help people live a lifestyle not a trend.
  • • No more articles explaining how to lose weight for the summer because we understand that means you expect to gain weight in the winter.